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Search Engine Optimized E-Commerce Sites

With more than 213 million searches happening every single day on the Internet, you have to be visible if you want to be profitable. Search engine optimization is crucial for successful e-commerce. 68% of all of our clients' traffic comes from search engines, accounting for millions of dollars in sales. Whether you choose from our affordable start-up e-commerce sites or rely on Merchant Corner for your completely custom e-commerce design, we always prioritize automatic search engine optimization for your site, products, categories, and pages. It's our primary focus.

Moving to a New Shopping Cart

How long have you known that you needed a new cart but were too afraid to risk the move? How much will it cost you to wait any longer? Merchant Corner offers comprehensive services that allow us to successfully move your existing e-commerce site to a new shopping cart platform. We have helped hundreds of stores move from old, out-of-date shopping cart platforms to highly effecting e-commerce solutions without losing search engine rankings and in many cases resulting in dramatic increases in sales and efficiency. We have developed custom tools and a defined a set of processes that make transforming your e-commerce site as easy as possible.

Design and Development

A key component of your ongoing success is the ability to quickly make design and development changes to your site that provide you with a competitive advantage. Our unique approach to e-commerce provides you direct access to our talented team of designers and developers so you can have any type of design and development work completed quickly and efficiently. We collect detailed information from you that allows us to create precisely the type of e-commerce store you desire. We are more than just designers; we are partners in your e-commerce success.

Setup & Configuration

Anyone can buy a domain and make a shopping site online, but making it efficient, effective, visible, and profitable takes a special set of skills. As much as you want your site to have aesthetic appeal, looks alone will not make sales. If customers can't easily use your shopping cart, or shipping and tax functions don't work properly, your e-commerce site may fail. Customers will not tell you when something is wrong - they'll just find what they're shopping for somewhere else. Merchant Corner's team of talented developers will setup and configure your shopping cart to work the way you want and need it to work. We will test the functionality of your site to make sure that when customers come for a visit, they'll be inclined to stay and buy. You'll be working with talented people who understand your vision and know how to successfully create it.

Personalized Video Training

Once you've invested in an e-commerce site, the idea of having to pay someone to make small changes to the design, update inventories, or change featured products is insulting. While we are always here to help you with your design and technical needs, our goal is to empower you to take control of your own e-commerce site and have the ability to turn the daily management over to anyone on your staff. Our personalized video training guides you through the steps of managing your own e-commerce site, teaching you to make the changes you need to make to keep your site current without having to rely on outside resources or additional development fees. All of our video training is created specifically for you and targeted to your needs.