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Services and custom solutions that help you get the most out of your ShopSite eCommerce store.

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What makes us special?

Taking the time to clearly understand your  needs and project requirements have always been a point of priority during our more than 22 years working in this industry. This ensures that we’ll be able to deliver what you are looking for without exception. When we say “yes” to a project, it gets completed, no exceptions!

As online commerce is constantly changing – so are we – with the development of innovative custom web based solutions that will positively impact your business’s bottom line. Let us help you reduce your mothly opperating costs, increase your online sales and avoid costly potential pitfalls.

shopsite Services

Services and solutions to help you get the
most from your shopsite store.

Custom E-commerce Stores

From wire framing to design & development, our experienced and talented team of professionals are here to help build a user friendly, high converting e-commerce store of your dreams.

Packaged ShopSite Templates

If you’re looking to get on-line quickly or have a limited budget for your e-commerce store’s development, then our ‘packaged’ ShopSite templates could be the perfect fit for your business.

Custom Modules

Unique wholesale pricing & account management, flexible cart abandonment, product reviews with images & videos and faceted search with refinements are just some of the custom modules that are available.

Custom Development

Our custom development services are reserved exclusively for customers who have worked with us to build their initial ShopSite store. Here, pretty much anything you can think of is possible.

We like Merchant Corner because they get stuff done when it’s supposed to be done. It’s so hard to find somebody that can actually do what they say.”

Brian Needels

Hanks Clothing

“Merchant Corner has helped us to experience the success we knew our company capable of accomplishing, providing a streamlined, responsive and interactive site that we can manage ourselves.”

Lisa Garton

Pink House Imports

Merchant Corner has an in-depth understanding of search engine optimization and knows how to create e-commerce solutions that work phenomenally well!

Jim Morrison

Your Home Supply

“If you’re a brick and mortar company and want to stay competitive, take my advice. Skip the $150k+ enterprise cart and invest into having Merchant Corner customize ShopSite to give you ALL the functionality you need at a fraction of the cost.”

Matt Carver