Conversion Focused Ecommerce Design & Development

We make it easy for your visitors to find what they are looking for, check out and pay for it!  20+ years of collaboration with e-commerce business owners ensure the successful implementation of  solutions proven to work while helping you avoid costly mistakes and pitfalls.



Communication, optimisation, and conversion. These words are not typically associated with designing an online store however Merchant Corner is not your typical e-commerce developer. We understand the importance and impact of having your project done right the first time has to your business.


Congratulations, you’ve hit a milestone and are now ready to invest in your e-commerce store! We’re here to help you make the most of this exciting next step.

Conversion-focused design is all about making it easier for your customers to find what they are looking for, check out and finally pay for it. Proper design will enable you to maximize your investment and build the online store you need to stay ahead of your competition. With clear communication and 20+ years of working in the industry, we are able to help design a highly functioning e-commerce store that is focused on optimisation and bottom line conversion.

Looks and presentation do matter! A visitor browsing your e-commerce store could be likened to a potential home buyer visiting a home for the very first time. Imagine what would happen if that home buyer visited two nearly identical homes in the exact same neighborhood, however the defining difference between both were the finishings. Inside the first home they find a dated and out of touch layout that includes; small rooms, wallpaper, antiquated furniture and linoleum flooring - whereas inside the second they find modern high spec finishings; hardwood flooring, open concept living and well staged living spaces. Which of these two homes do you think they would be more interested in purchasing? The same holds true for your on-line e-commerce store!


Getting it Right the First Time


A lot goes into the design and development of a well optimised conversion focused e-commerce store. Since each business is unique it's critical to respect its own unique personality, customer base and list of required goals. 


Through a series of structured meetings, screen sharing and emails, we will be able to establish a good working understanding of your current e-commerce business and where you ‘need’ to be. 20+ years of working in this industry have provided us with the incredible opportunity to work with hundreds of different businesses. Not only will we be able to implement what is proven to work we will also be able to help you avoid costly mistakes and pitfalls. We look forward to working with you!

    • Existing customers are 50% more likely to buy new products, and they spend 31% more than new customers.
    • The average consumer will spend over $1,200 per year at online stores.
    • $4 trillion in merchandise was abandoned in online shopping carts in 2014.
    • It costs 5x to a acquire a new customer as it does to retain an existing one.
    • Above “the fold” product recommendations are 1.7 times more effective than those below.
    • More than half of on-line shoppers ALWAYS read reviews before buying a product.
    • 18% of local searches lead to a sale within 24 hours.

We like Merchant Corner because they get stuff done when it's supposed to be done. It's so hard to find somebody that can actually do what they say.

Brian Needels, Hanks Clothing



  • E-commerce Mobile Stats

    • ​By the end of 2017 the mobile share of global e-commerce transactions was over 70%, according to Criteo and it is expected to grow to 85% by the end of 2018.
    • 125 Million U.S. consumers own smartphones
    • By the end of 2017, over two billion mobile phone and tablet users made some form of mobile commerce transaction.
    • An estimated 10 Billion Mobile Connected Devices are currently in use.
    • 50.3% of eCommerce traffic originates from a mobile device such as a cell phone or tablet.

Having a mobile optimised on-line store is no longer a nicety, it's a fundamental business requirement. Since more and more of your customers are using a mobile device - e.g. smartphone, tablet - to access your on-line store this means you NEED to provide them with an easy to use and intuitive shopping experience so you can effectively retain their attention and capture their orders.


Before beginning the design and development of your new mobile store, it is important to determine which break point(s) you wish to support. A break point essentially allows for you to format and offer up a unique visual experience, of your site, to your visitor depending on the size of the device they are using to access it - e.g. laptop, tablet, mobile phone.


A functional mobile e-commerce store will typically support two break points. The first will be for full screen devices - e.g. laptop, desktop computers - and the second for mobile devices - e.g. smart phones, tablets. It is important to note that with break points you are not limited to the number that can be implemented however with each new one that is added it will increase the overall design and development cost of your project.


Mobile users - unlike full screen device users - are't hindered by your content NOT loading above the fold. In fact they are used to having to 'thumb' down in the page in order to see all of the content.


Since this is the case, laying out and designing a mobile store's user experience is completely different than that of your current full screen store. Making sure that all of the key elements are easily accessible - e.g. logo (brand awareness), navigation, search, etc - inside the restricted screen dimensions needs to be carefully planned out. 


One of the unique challenges to designing a mobile store is making sure that ALL of your current, much larger, full screen device store's content fits inside of the new smaller mobile screen dimensions. 


One way of addressing this is to determining whether certain elements / features found inside of the full screen store DON'T need to be present inside of the new mobile store.  Regardless of what content is retained, it will be of upmost importance for us to work on the placement and optimisation of this content to ensure the best user experience for your store's mobile users.

Merchant Corner has an in-depth understanding of search engine optimization and knows how to create e-commerce solutions that work phenomenally well!

Jim Morrison, Your Home Supply



Every second there are more than 63,000 searches on Google! Making sure that your site is both Google Optimised and Google Friendly will go a long way in ensuring your on-line business's long term success.


Whenever we work on designing and developing a new e-commerce store for one of our clients we invest a significant amount of time into ensuring that 'key' on-page Google and S.E.O. best practices are implemented directly into the store.


  • Page Load Time - How fast your page loads is one of the key metrics leveraged in the Google  search algorithm. Working on improving page load speed starts with clean well optimised code and ends with how well your product images can be compressed without sacrificing quality for your customers.

    Since an e-commerce store typically has a lot of product images we have invested hundreds of development hours into a custom image resizing solution that allows for you to very easily and quickly resize and compress your store's images without loosing any quality for your customers.

    Not only will our tool allow for you to quickly resize ALL of your store's images - from within one convenient tool - it will also compress the images anywhere from 8 to 10 times smaller than their original size.
  • HTTPS Secure - More than 67% of visitors accessing the web use the Google Chrome web browser. Effective July 18th, 2018 Google's Chrome browser is now identifying sites NOT setup to use HTTPS as 'not secure'. 
  • Content loads first - Since Google is all about content, it is imperative that you load it as high up in the page's source code as possible. Whenever we develop a new store for a client, it is coded so that the content loads first. This means that the site frame - e.g. top, left and bottom elements - are set to load below the page's content inside of the source code.
  • The Power of Google

    • In 2017, Google accounted for over 79% of all global desktop search traffic, followed by Bing at 7.27%
    • Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day.
    • More Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the U.S. and Japan.
    • Marketers see SEO as becoming more effective, with 82% reporting effectiveness is on the rise and 42% of this group stating effectiveness is increasing significantly.
    • 72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles.

The first step in e-commerce success is designing a site that will rank, and Merchant Corner has the expertise and talent to do it right – the first time.

Cassia Cogger, Read In Style




Our custom facets and learning search modules will allow for your customers to quickly search for and refine the results found inside of your store by making a series of product variation selections - e.g. Size, Color, etc.



Not only will our custom image resizer tool allow for you to quickly and easily resize ALL of your store's images - from within one convenient tool - it will also compress the images anywhere from 8 to 10 times smaller than their original size.


Over 4 trillion dollars of merchandise is abandoned in shopping carts every year. Our custom module will allow for you to automatically follow-up, remind and recoup these potential lost sales from your customers. 

Merchant Corner empowers people with the ability to manage and update their shopping site with nothing more complicated than cutting and pasting. You don't need an IT degree to be a successful e-commerce merchant thanks to Merchant Corner. The training videos they provide to their clients make the entire process simple enough anyone can do it.

Leah Fairmain, Corporate Snobs



We truly believe in establishing a long term working relationship with our customers and providing the on-going support that they deserve. It all starts with having a properly designed and developed on-line store and progresses into continued one on one access to a team of professionals who are available to troubleshoot bugs, fix issues and work continuously on improving your store and the experience it provides to your customers.


Continued Access

Once your project is completed we are but a phone call or email away to help troubleshoot / resolve a bug, implement a new feature or help take your on-line store to the next level.


Training Portal

All of our customers have access to our training portal which provides comprehensive web based training videos that show you how to setup YOUR store and get the most out of them.

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